Joe Pally


86 and Sonny

Feature-Length Spec. Script

1986. A boy (SONNY) looks to re-assimilate in his blue-collar Brooklyn neighborhood, after a disastrous move that saw his parents split-up. Sonny’s dad (SAL), the super of their building, has his hands full trying to raise Sonny and juggle the demands of strange and eccentric tenants. But having a father who’s willing to share the keys to this “castle,” has its advantages; namely a basement clubhouse that would make the most popular city kid jealous. Is it enough to restore Sonny’s status in the neighborhood? Or will witnessing a historic crime jeopardize everything?

Damn The Age

Two Act Play

Present day, New York City. A burned out politico (MATT) leaves Washington, DC to pursue a career as a comedy writer. His childhood friend (TOMMY), a musician, artist, Italian-American-Brooklynite, helps him move and get settled back in his hometown. He awkwardly bids farewell to his practical Midwestern girlfriend (BRANDI) and embarks on his new path. An encounter with a snarky dive-bartender (JESSIE), has him questioning his judgement and his prospects. A hilariously violent alcohol-fueled fight with Tommy along with his father’s (JACK) disappointment could leave him completely alone or worse. If only he’ll listen to Jessie, Tommy and the messages on his phone (or are they in his head?), he might get on track, discover his true calling and win the approval of his father… Or will another night out with Tommy finish him off?

Doug’s Big Day

Spec. Script for King of Queens

DOUG is chosen by his supervisor (O’BOYLE) to join their CEO live on television, to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. Looking to get out of it, Doug gets more desperate as the looming nightmare approaches. Meanwhile, CARRIE is too busy tending to a sick and demanding ARTHUR, to lend any help or sympathy. In the end, Arthur may just save the day for Doug… or embarrass him in front of his boss on national television.

Rats On A Hill

One Act Play

A well-known Senator is spotted at a bar with a woman who is not his wife. The nosey patron who recognizes him gets into a conversation with another man as they weigh how best to handle the juicy gossip and potential scandal.